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"Point of Sale Systems so easy, even your dog can use them!"



The story behind "KC Solutions"

I had made the decision in late 1993 to go out on my own, and form my own company.  It was a cold winter evening January 1994, some might say a 3 Dog Night. I was staring at the Commonwealth of Virginia Incorporation form, and was stuck on the line “Name of Entity”.

Most firms like mine were named after the owner, but I wanted something different than “Moran and Associates” so I could set the company apart from other consulting firms. So, what are the things my family enjoys doing? Drag Racing my Harley Davidson is one, but I think there is this small company in Milwaukee that would not like my company being named “Harley Davidson Consulting”.

We also do dog training, and show in agility and obedience. Lying at my feet were our two beautiful Siberian Huskies. A Black and White blue eyed male named Kota, and a Grey female named Canuck.

Now I was on to something—KC, after the two dogs, but then what? The purpose of KC is to help companies become more profitable and efficient through innovative software solutions---that’s it!!!!---KC Solutions, Inc. was born.

Since that evening in 1994, our goals have not changed—"To help companies become more profitable and efficient through innovative software solutions”. Unfortunately Kota and Canuck are no longer with us, but their legacy lives on.

Today we have Ember, Chant, and Izzy.  Ember and Chant are Belgian Tervurens. Ember likes tracking, and jumping up on the table to eat the cat’s food. Chant enjoys herding Sheep, but is always trying to practice his herding skills on the lawn tractor by trying to get me to go back to the barn. Izzy is a little Swedish Valhound that loves running agility, fetching tennis balls, and just running around in circles.

Enjoy some of our friends (below), we sure do!



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KC Solutions, providing our clients with maximum value and service since 1993.


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